AMENON Wooden Welcome Wreath Sign for Outdoor, Pre-lit Light Timer for Front Door Decor Farmhouse Porch Hanging Handcrafted Eucalyptus Front Door Wreath Sign for Summer Home Wall Housewarming Gift

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AMENON Wooden Welcome Wreath Sign for Outdoor, Pre-lit Light Timer for Front Door Decor Farmhouse Porch Hanging Handcrafted Eucalyptus Front Door Wreath Sign for Summer Home Wall Housewarming Gift

  • 「Structure」Welcome Wreath Sign for front door is 9″L x 9″W in size and a thickness of 0.78 inch. Inclusive of with 14 eucalyptuses, 3 layers of bows, 2 daisies and burlap hanging rope could be made as a refresher decoration for homes.
  • 「Pre-lit Welcome Sign」3D hollow new light box that ameliorates the lighting intensity and image that has spiral effect and bring a wondrous ambience.
  • 「Energy Saving」Powered by 2AA batteries(Not Include), sustainable and saves a lot of power with intelligent features of 6 hours on / 18 hours off timer setting. For example, your turned it on at 6 pm, the light will be turned off at 12 am until the next 18 hours and the cycle will repeat.
  • 「Reliable Material」Extraordinary mdf material, knotted clothe rope, staples & bowknots are efficient to be paired with the eucalyptus and daisy design to show more effect and stabilize it
  • 「Houseawarming Welcome Gift」Our welcome sign for front door set on holiday, birthday party or home, it also fronts porch decor, wall decor, or just general use as a farmhouse sign. Cute and rustic decoration for farmhouse, beach home, office, classroom, restaurant.

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